Screenwriting – Breaking In

Having set up Script Angel, my own script consultancy business, I recently decided to join The Word Cloud
– a forum for experienced and aspiring writers. What struck me was how
hungry for ‘insider’ knowledge the writers are. There may be
information out there for aspiring writers but how do they know where
to look?

Over the past ten years I’ve been lucky enough to earn my living as
a professional script editor on a variety of UK television dramas. Now,
taking a break from the hectic pace of script editing on dramas in
production, I’ve set up my own script consultancy business. What’s
struck me is how cosy it is inside the world of television
professionals and how hard it is for writers on the outside to even
understand how it works, let alone to break into it.

I’ve been very fortunate to work with hugely talented editorial
teams and, most importantly, exceptionally talented writers. They, and
I, earn our living from writing/editing drama that millions of people
will watch – and it’s only now stepping outside it (albeit with my foot
firmly lodged in the door to stop it closing) that I appreciate how
impenetrable the whole industry must appear. The writers I work with,
without exception, have earned their position as a professional writer
by combining sheer creative talent with hard work and determination.
But what we take for granted is the knowledge, gained after years in
the industry, of what to do to turn an idea into something that will
ultimately get made.

Through my blog and Script Angel
I’d like to help writers find the information they need and understand
how the industry works. I want to help them get their scripts into the
best possible shape so that when they do decide to send it to someone
in the industry (agent, production company, etc) their work is the best
it can possibly be. Over the weeks I’ll blog not only on my experiences
as a script editor but I’ll also try to pull together as much
information as I can about what to do to become a professional

As well as checking out Script Angel, it’s other worth checking out Michelle Lipton’s Blog
– a talented writer just starting to get her first commissions and
helping others to understand the process as she goes through it.

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