I’ve written a script, what next? Part Four – Writing Competitions

So, is it worth you entering writing competitions?  My answer is – YES, YES, YES!  Someone Is offering to read your script, usually for free, and although you won’t get feedback to help you develop the script you will, if you’re any good, get noticed – and that’s half the battle in this business.

Here’s a list of the writing competitions that I’ve come across just in the past year or so.  Most run annually and most are free but some are one-offs and some charge you to enter.  I’m not recommending these and can’t guarantee the people behind them all, so do make sure you do your homework.  I’ve put dates alongside them but do check out their websites for confirmed deadlines and submission procedures.


London Independent Film Festival Screenplay Competition – October

Sequel to Cannes Short Film Script Competition – October

Scotland Writes Competition – November

L.A Comedy Shorts Script Competition – November

Screen West Midlands’ Digishorts Competition – November

Silverback Screenwriting Competition – December

Stage International Script Competition – December

End of the Pier Festival Screenplay Competition – March

BBC Writers Academy – April

British Short Screenplay Competition (Kaos) – May

Sir Peter Ustinov Award – June

Script 1 (Screenwriters’ Festival) – August

Red Planet Prize – dates for 2009 to be announced soon

TAPS – invitation for submissions for courses throughout the year

British Feature Screenplay Competition (Kaos) – dates for 2009 to be announced soon


Bare Bones (Old Red Lion, Islington) – November

The Westminster Prize (Soho Theatre) – December

Ignite (Playwrights’ Studio Scotland) – January

Kings Cross Award for New Writing – May

High Tide Festival – July

Everyman Young Writers Programme – August

Off Cut Festival (In Company theatre)  – August

McLellan Award (plays in living Scots) – August

Whiting Award – August

Hot INK (New York) – September

Bruntwood Royal Exchange Young Playwriters Award – September

Scenepool – year round

Write Now Festival – September

As soon as I hear of other note-worthy writing competitions I’ll post them on here, on Script Angel and announce it on Twitter.

If you know of any others, write a comment on the blog or contact me via the Script Angel website.

2 responses to “I’ve written a script, what next? Part Four – Writing Competitions

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