It’s the Fairy Dust, Stupid!

It’s been my absolute pleasure to read some really magical scripts lately and it got me thinking about what makes a script stand out.  It isn’t the neatly told story or the perfectly tied up characer journey that make me excited when I read a script, though goodness knows those things are hugely important and often lacking.  No, those aren’t the things that make it memorable and anyway, I can help fix those things.  It’s the magic that makes a good script great.  That sprinkling of fairy dust that only YOU the writer can bring to the party. 

I can help with story structure and deepening those characters and making the dialogue sound true and all the other things that are taught in courses and books, but it’s that image that kept you awake at night when you thought of it, that moment of the script that came to you maybe before you even knew what the story was.  THAT’s what makes it special.  Those images, those moments that come from deep inside a writer’s mad, brilliant creative mind and leap onto the page without you even thinking about it – that’s what’s magic and makes me not only remember your script and you but makes me excited and want to see your work developed and made. 

You bring the magic and I’ll bring everything else.

Let’s go!

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