Screenwriting Short Courses and Workshops – UK

If you want to study screenwriting (or just need a refresher) but don’t want to commit to one of the great Screenwriting M.A courses on offer, there are lots of shorter courses and workshops worth checking out.

The Two Phils – London – 11-12 May 2013

Skribita – Brighton – Writing TV (26-28 April 2013)

Professional Writing Academy – Into the Woods (John Yorke on storytelling for tv) – September 2013

Storylining – Manchester – March 2013

Euroscript – see website for dates

Raindance – see website for dates

Arvon – see website for dates

The Script Factory – see website for dates

The National Film & Television School (NFTS) – see website for dates

If you know of any others do post in the comments below or post details on the Script Angel Facebook Page.

4 responses to “Screenwriting Short Courses and Workshops – UK

  1. Please can you add the following to your list of workshops:
    skribita residential writing weekends in Radio & TV

  2. Hi Hayley,
    I’d like to mention two excellent courses I have attended in Edinburgh, run by City of Edinburgh Council:
    • Screenwriting 1&2 with Douglas Duggan ( 24 weeks, Sep-May)
    • Script Development with Neil Rolland ( 8 weeks)

    More details are available on their Adult Education website but they are great value for money and, what’s more, they get you writing!

  3. Hi, handy list thanks, now I realise this is an old post, but some of these are no longer running. You might also want to add this one I found at City University –
    I have no affiliation with it by the way, just a potential punter doing my own research, ta. 🙂 Jools

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