Production Companies (UK) Accepting Unsolicited Scripts

Getting your unsolicited script made, or even read by a production company, is about the toughest way to break into the industry, but lots of people still ask me about it so here’s my two-pennies-worth…

get unsolicited script read by production companies

If I go back only ten years I could have written a list here of nearly a hundred film and television production companies who would accept scripts submitted by new writers (writers they didn’t know, and who didn’t have an agent).  I know because I made a living reading for about twenty of them.  Sadly, that is no longer the case. It costs money to employ readers to plough through tens of thousands of scripts each year.  The reality is that of those thousands of spec scripts, only a handful will be good enough for the production company to want to develop it and try to get it made.  In essence the return on the money invested in reading unsolicited scripts is too small to make it viable for most companies.

However, maybe you are that one in ten thousand whose script is pretty much perfect but you don’t yet have an agent or any credits or a script competition win to your name.  So how do you get a production company to read your script?  Well, there are still a handful of places accepting unsolicited submissions. But remember – you only get ONE CHANCE to impress so make sure you’ve had constructive, professional feedback and rewritten it so that it really showcases your writing.

I’ve listed below all the places I’ve found that do still accept unsolicited script submissions.  Check out their websites and follow their submission guidelines. If in doubt, contact them and ask what their policy is.

BBC Writersroom – not a production company as such but as part of the BBC the Writersroom has the connections within the organisation to connect you and your project with the drama production part of the BBC.

BFI Film Fund – a funding source for script development and production but they are looking for submissions ideally from a team that can get the film made (writer/producer/director).

BabyJane Productions

Blast Films

Braidmade Films

Cascade Media – Writers’ Couch

Feelgood Fiction

Fidelity Films

Ipso Facto Films

Little Green Jade

One Eyed Dog Films

Phantom Pictures

Panther Pictures

Picture Palace

Red Production Company

Red Planet Pictures

RS Productions

Shooting People – online pitching available.  Subscription required.

Spectre Vision

Do bear in mind that I’m not recommending these production companies, I’m just pulling together information that’s already in the public domain.  It’s up to you to do your homework.

It’s also worth looking at emerging producers who are starting to get films made and might be looking for new projeccts. Look at who is being awarded funding by schemes like the BFI Film Fund or iFeatures2.

Also check out these great blog posts on making your submission a ‘solicited’ one:

‘Can’t Get Read? Yes You Can!’ by Lucy Hay (Bang2Write)

‘Submitting To Companies That Don’t Take Unsolicited Material’ by Ashley Scott Meyers.

Good luck!

40 responses to “Production Companies (UK) Accepting Unsolicited Scripts

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  2. Great blogpost. Very informative and useful. Many thanks for that.

  3. Do you know of any radio/audio production companies that take unsolicited scripts?

    • I don’t I’m afraid and as I’m specialising in film & tv I won’t be researching a radio list. Do give a shout out on twitter to see if other writers know of any.

      • Dexter Freeman

        Hi I’m Dexter, I’m looking around the world for a writer who I can work with.. I have different idea in bringing up a great scripts idea…. can anyone help with a contact. Thank you.

  4. Have you heard of these people, Hayley? They have an open call out at the moment. They are new to me.

  5. Ah right. They are craftily calling it a competition!

    • I have written a feature length screenplays along with the books. The books and feature length screenplay were written with the capturing and holding an audience attention from the beginning to end. I have taken the liberty of placing the synopsis in the body of this e-mail for your reviewing. Upon request I will be glad to send a copy of the the script, or book. The books were written for those that like the books to movies idea . The scripts “SLEEPING WITH THE CROSS’ can be categorize with the movies and books, Roots, The color purple, A time to kill and the now movie Django and others of this nature. This script also placed in “The finalist of the “FADE IN MAGAZINE “, competition. I’m attaching possible use of the book covers for your viewing . Thank you for your time and I’m looking forward to your response. I’m submitting my necessary information.

      You may contact me by e-mail at,, 253 229 2135 . My mailing address and my name is Bobbie N. Jarvis ,
      5201 B, Kearney loop El Paso TX. 79906

      The synopsis: “Only a true love affair will survive the test that these two would endure during this period of time where opposite does attract and by all means fall in love.”

      “SLEEPING WITH THE CROSS” Drama. The incredible story of a beautiful black woman and the man who dared to love her-only trouble is, he is the Grand Dragon of the KKK. It’s the worst sin he could commit. Newspapers are filling with scandal. This drama of love and life in the south is filled with romance and adventure as the beautiful black woman struggle against two races and violence he love generates. But while her people can forgive, the Klan cannot and in the end their love may cost the Grand Dragon his life. Alternate title: “Grand Dragon”

      ” MURDER FOR THE SAKE OF OUR FATHER” The love a father has for his twin sons are put to the test. The twins at the early ages of five while having the IQ of a ten year old . This has made the father even the more anxious to get the boys started on learning the tricks of the trade of being a detective . This well know detective, the best of his time could solve any case that is brought before him, but against his wife better judgment decides to train them up in the field of doing detective work by teaching them little by little on solving murder cases. As The twins have gotten older they would follow after their fathers footsteps hoping to become detective as well, but they turn the tables to see if their father is as good as the public think he is, while at the same time forgetting honor giving the word a hold new meaning. At the end, do the father know who’s committing these crimes and if so do he tell and face what will break his wife’s heart and destroying the marriage…..? Much, much, more to this twist!

      “TRAPPED IN THE LIGHT SWITCH” Haunting doesn’t begin to describe her love. During the opening title a marriage is breaking up due to a one time act of adultery done by the wife. After months of being stalked by the wife, the husband moves on when he feels that she has done the same and get engaged to a younger woman.When the ex-wife finds out she confronts him an argument ensue. A moment of anger,an inadvertent gesture ; and she falls against the wall hitting her head on the light switch causing them to go out for a few seconds and when they would come back on, what the ex-husband think is smoke is the spirit of the wife entering into the light switch. Now trapped inside of the walls moving at will though the wiring of the house at every flick of a switch trying to get out , but only while the new wife is present. The story really takes off after the spirit has made it’s way out, but how it gets out and where it goes and does will add a new twist to this story.

      • Hi Bobbie – thanks for the posting your synopsis but I think it might be best to approach people via email, rather than as a comment on a blog post, if you’re asking them to read your script or novel. Best of luck with it.

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  8. How would this work with those not living in the UK… say perhaps from USA. I assume it would be difficult to meet and greet if the script was worth a shot. But then again….. there’s Skype. lol


  10. Reblogged this on Dira: The Quills and commented:

  11. 10 episode true-to-life TV drama: UK has torn up magna carta; police lock up law-abiding citizens; persecute returning war heroes; protect paedophiles. Read first episode?

  12. Frivolous Monsters

    Thanks a lot for that. Very useful after the list of companies I’ve been sifting through to find they don’t accept anything.

  13. Thank you so much. I think I spoke to you a few weeks about the possibility of you editing one of my scripts. Definitely would love to work with you in the future.

  14. Looking for a great movie script to develop and produce.
    We are currently accepting unsolicited scripts with a view to developing one or two scripts to take to production. We are a small production company that’s London Based and looking for features and short series scripts. If you are a UK based writer and have a great script or script idea please in the first instance contact by email:
    Please title your email script submission.
    I found this blog this morning and must say what a great blog for scriptwriters and I will be following in the future, a big thanks to Hayley.

    • Hi Steven

      If you’re on Twitter send a tweet mentioning me (@hayleymckenzie1) with the script call out and I’ll retweet for you. Is there a website writers can visit to look at your

  15. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your informative blog, my question is how to find the right production company for a big budget movie? My script is based around my experiences as a European fighter in the Libyan revolution, it will have to be a big budget movie as it has many action scenes and large scale sets. Your help or ideas on the matter would be appreciated. Housam Najjair.

    My script is based on this documentary… I am Irish Sam in that piece..

  16. Hi ScriptAngel,
    I have written a book and film script called GOLDIE KLOX AND THE TIME MACHINE.
    I can’t afford an agent, unfortunately.
    Do you know anyone who would be interested?
    It’s about Goldie Klox, a young woman, from the year 1904.
    She travels in a gold time machine to the year 2015.
    She meets, and falls in love with Edward Time.
    It is, overall, a romantic comedy.
    Kind Regards

  17. I have a true story about my self it’s a British catch me if you can would make a epic film if there’s a produer looking for a one off true story about my self in the1980s 19 years old pls contact me on 07884589589

  18. I have 2 movie scripts already completely written and ready to be produced. If anyone ever wants to help me produce them please contact me at my email with your company information, website and possibly past projects and I will reply with any information that you may request; synopsis, script, biography and any other contact information that you may want.
    Thank you and I hope someone may reply!!

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  20. hi my name is Lee young from Indonesia, and recently i just self published my novel with the genre of dark fantasy, i was hoping to find an agent to represent my work. much oblige …

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  22. Lesley Mukwacha

    I am an African screenplay writer and if anyone is interested in stories in the unexploited countries like Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique, I have the scripts for you.. I am also a tour guide showing clients from all over the world around Africa, so my work is international, written mainly in English. You can find me on facebook under username, Lesley Mukwacha. and my email address is,

  23. Cascade form is closed. Don’t bother filling it out.

  24. Hi everyone,

    we are always looking for exciting new scripts. If you have a great script with a universal story that could easily be shot in an urban setting in Asia we want to hear from you. We are looking for TV Series (1/2h and 1h) as well as telemovie (MOW) style films.

    If you would like us to have a look at your script, please use the form on our website for submission. You can find it here:

    Please note that we will only contact shortlisted writers.

    Our last telemovie scored one of the highest ratings in the channel’s history.

    Cheers, Jerry

  25. Hi, great article.
    I just wanted to let you know that I have created a production company in London and am looking for low budget feature film treatments or scripts.
    I have recently won funding for my latest short from IdeasTap now in production and I am now accepting unsolicited scripts and treatments.
    Anyone interested contact me at
    Thanks, Adam Smith

  26. mrmountweazewl asked about sending unsolicited scripts for radio/audio production. A few yeas ago I sent one to BBC Radio Merseyside. It was accepted and broadcast. You can’t get if you don’t try. At worst you get a rejection.

  27. Hey, how up to date is this list now? Thank you!

  28. I am a more of a storyteller than scriptwriter. I have two stories at hand which i want producers or directors to look at. Please help!

  29. accept and are looking for unsolicited scripts. I’m a director of the company.

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  31. Thanks author for this helpful post about uk film funding . I have a website which connect to filmmakers and investors each other. This post clear my concept about many important thing.

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