Script Angel / LSF Mentoring Competition – Top 25

A big thank you to all the writers who entered the competition. It was great to see entries from across the world – as well as many from the UK we had writers from Switzerland, Canada, France, Australia and the US.

We’re delighted to announce that the top 25 writers are:

Amanda Duke

Annas Eskander

Carys Davis

Claire Yeowart

Craig Donaghy

Daniel Sunley

Dee Chilton

Gareth Meredith / James Merigan

Jason King

John Morrison

Jon Ryan

Katia Hadidian

K T Parker

Kristina Day

Leon Metcalfe

Liz Holliday

Maggie Innes

Mary Evans

Philip Miles

Rebecca Handley

Richard James

Simon Underwood

Stephan Burn

Tracey Flynn

Trina Grosvenor

The standard of writing was extremely high and many who didn’t make the top 25 still showed a lot of promise – so don’t give up!

Congratulations to the top 25 writers. I’ll be reading all those entries again and will announce the winner on Tuesday 7th May.

One response to “Script Angel / LSF Mentoring Competition – Top 25

  1. Kristina Day

    Oh wow, I’m one of the 25! Over the moooooon!!!

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